What is NX?

I’m sure if you’ve come across this page now and don’t know what NX is, than you might be here by mistake. If you are in fact looking to get free nexon cash codes then continue reading…

NX is a currency used in popular Nexon Gaming titles such as Combat Arms, MapleStory, Dungeon Fighter Online, Mabinogi, PopTag, and Vindictus (coming soon!) NX is not necessary to play these games, in fact, these games are 100% free to play and can be downloaded legally from Nexon‘s website.

So why the NX? NX is a way to buy “extras” in each game. The extras are purely that, it ranges from game to game but usually includes items that “make you look cool” or give you some type of upper edge in gameplay (a more accurate gun in Combat Arms for example). Sometimes it’s a combination of both.

NX (Nexon Cash) is sold on gift cards at stores throughout the World for $10.00 or $25.00 (10,000 NX or 25,000 NX). You can by NX codes online from various websites but the price is marked up heavily ($12.99 for 10,000 NX for example).  However, since our website is dedicated to bringing you things that are free, we will more on to our final topic for this post.  Where can you get free NX cash?

The website that provides us with free nx codes which work for any of the Nexon games listed above is http://www.FreeNXCodes.com. This site came about sometime in the early Summer of 2010 and seems to have been spotlighted on several guild, clan, and community forums relating to Nexon online games.

In our future posts, we’ll try to keep it a bit shorter and we’ll include videos or media outlining the most efficient ways to get NX cash codes.


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