Free Nintendo Points for DSi or Wii

One of the greatest things about possessing a Nintendo DSi or Wii is the fact that you have an extended collection of video games readily available at your finger tips any where, any time.

The only problem about Nintendo Wii Points is the fact that you have to purchase them.  What if I told you there was a perfectly legal method to get free Nintendo Points? Imagine never having to spend another dollar on buying a 2000 Nintendo DSi Points card. You can finally get any Nintendo WiiWare or DSiWare game you’ve wanted with free Nintendo Points.

The site I use most is:

I discovered this free Nintendo Points website in September 2010 and have successfully gotten a free 2000 Nintendo Points card 8 times as of now.

Different than many other websites that claim they have a free Nintendo DSi Points generator (which ends up to be a virus), or makes you do offers for your free DSi points, this site offers fun flash games that you play. After each game you’ll receive free Nintendo Wii Points. Once you have enough points saved up, you can claim your Nintendo DSi Points card.  Just recently I’ve run out of Nintendo WiiWare games to purchase and have found it profitable to continue using this website to earn more points. Every time I get another Nintendo Points card, I sell it to an acquaintance.

So what have we learned? I showed you where to get yourself as many free Nintendo DSi Points as you want! I’ve told you what you can get with these free Nintendo points and why it is worth getting them (free Nintendo Wii games!) Lastly, if you really don’t require any Nintendo points, you can still get free Nintendo Points and sell them to individuals you know for cold hard cash! This alone is an excellent way to make $10 a day online (it’s not much, but it’s also very simple to do!)

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Flash Gaming World is back up and better than ever before!

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With over 100 titles to choice from, how could you not need some free DSi Points? Visit for more details

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Free NX spotted at – get it while it lasts!

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What is NX?

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